Contact Lenses

The Clayton Eye Center is one of the largest contact lens centers in the state. Our doctors are experts in fitting all types of contact lenses. Each patient has individualized needs and only after an individual consultation can the correct type of lenses be determined. Our fitting procedures and follow-up visits are all performed by the doctors themselves, rather than by technicians, which is a common procedure in clinics that cut corners. Contact lenses are now available for nearly every patient and the Clayton Eye Center has more than 2,000 lenses in stock.

In recent years there has been an explosion in contact lens technology. Several new types of lenses have been developed for patients who before could not wear lenses. We specialize in ACUVUE disposable contact lenses for daily and extended wear use. New developments in toric contact lenses now enable individuals with even severe degrees of astigmatism to wear contact lenses. Tinted (colored) lenses are now available to change eye colors to every imaginable shade. Bifocal contact lenses now allow middle-aged individuals to eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Nearly all modern contact lenses are disposable. By replacing your lenses more frequently, your chances of eye infections are greatly reduced. No longer do individuals wear their lenses for a year or longer. Most lenses are disposed of in a matter of weeks, or a few months, depending on the polymer that the lens is made of and the individual patient's propensity for manufacturing eye proteins which adhere to the lens surface and cause red-eye problems. Many lenses are still available that allow individuals to sleep in them, although these lenses must be removed weekly. If you were told by another doctor that you could not wear contact lenses, you owe it to yourself to inquire about contact lenses at the Clayton Eye Center. Five of our ten doctors fit contact lenses on a daily basis. Call our appointment desk at (770) 968-8888 and ask for a contact lens appointment today.

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